A New World With Biodegradable Packages

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Milestone For The Biodegradable Packages

In many ways the hardest thing to do for anyone is to start a company.

However, that was not the case for our plucky co-founder, Dick Lim. He and fellow co-founder June Mun Chia started the company known as Foodabox .

foodabox biodegradable packages

innovators for biodegradable packages






Purpose And Mission Of Foodabox.

The purpose and sole mission of this company you may ask?

Well just like any social enterprise, we strive to help the world gain a better standard of living. So, after a bit of research; in every 10 seconds 300,000 polystyrene boxes will be in usage for a single day.

Hence, we sought to overcome this problem. With much hard work and determination, we found a better alternative.

And that was, biodegradable packages.

biodegradable packages samples

However, we still met with some challenges along the way as we found that the businesses we spoke to prefer the polystyrene box over the biodegradable one because it costs them much cheaper than biodegradable packages.

We managed to overcome that challenge. We became more and more of an advertising service for the businesses that were interested in our biodegradable packages and want to buy it from us. We would design it uniquely and managed to encapsulate the visions of the businesses that we worked with. Slowly but surely we will become a force within our circle, the social entrepreneurship.

biodegradable packages

Showcasing Brand Image.

However that is mainly to show how the size of the packaging roughly is and we show proudly that the brand name and the brand image will be visible on the top of the package.

Thus, we not only to reduce the cost of our biodegradable packages we showed that these are clearly a better alternative to the polystyrene boxes that still exists.

Our efforts were not in vain as we saw the steady decline of the polystyrene box and even with the help of the government in banning polystyrene boxes, we see a positive change all throughout. Not only for the environment but also for the betterment of our society.

At the end of the day, the vision of  Dick  was clear about the sustenance of an environment that we can all live in and show the benefits of biodegradable boxes for businesses all around.

And impressively the changes are good and shows us that we are ready for a change.

We’ve shown we are ready for newer and better things to come for the future of our world.



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