Improve Business Sales via Lunchbox Advertising

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Foodabox: Affordable & Effective Advertising Service Malaysia
Foodabox uses effective advertising services to saving the environment, one box at a time

Gone are the days where businesses only focus on just one promotional platform to reach out to their potential customers. It is hard truth but let us all face it, in this dog-eat-dog world, many businesses are facing intense competitions. “Being seen” perhaps is just a prerequisite requirement for your prospects to recognise you, but what’s more important is what goes into their heart. Well, you might ask me how do we go about that? It’s simple, lunchbox advertising is the answer.


Why Lunchbox Advertising?

Foodabox, an award-winning social enterprise that offers advertisers a creative and novel approach to improve their business sales via lunchbox advertising. You may be wondering, why advertise on lunchbox instead of other platforms? The answer lies within the company’s core values and social missions.

Foodabox uses a sustainable and creative lunchbox advertising model to help advertisers and businesses to widen their reach while subsidizing the cost of the eco-friendly lunch boxes, making them affordable to most food operators and restaurants.


Lunchbox advertising increases sales

The benefits:

1.0 Geo-Targeting

Foodabox allows you to target your advertisements specifically to people within your preferred geographical area and demographic. With this, you may deliver the right message to the most relevant audiences and increase conversions.


2.0 Positive Business Reputation

Establish a positive business reputation by being connected to this eco-friendly initiative. By advertising through Foodabox, consumers become aware that the advertisers are also a “Green” ambassador, a socially responsible company that they will continue to support.


3.0 High Brand Exposure

We offer a captive audience who will be looking at the advertisement as they consume the packaged food containing your advertisement. This allows consumers to make better purchasing decision by relating to your brand.


Reaching more people with Foodabox lunchbox advertising platform

4.0 Ads Tracking

Keep track of the number of lunchbox advertisements distributed online. This numbers will be updated from time to time so that you could accurately measure the effectiveness of your campaign.


All in all, this creative and novel lunchbox advertising approach would certainly add value to your business and create a favourable reputation in a way that no other forms of promotion or advertising could deliver.