The First Food Box Advertising Service Malaysia

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The First Food Box Advertising Service Malaysia - Foodabox

With many creative advertising services already in place, it sure gives a big headache to many marketers as to which marketing platforms to choose from in order to boost their business presence. Believed to be the first food box advertising service in Malaysia, Foodabox aims at not benefiting the advertisers alone but also promises to help create a more sustainable environment. There are few reasons why Foodabox is your best bet to improve your business visibility and boost your sales.

High Value For Money Advertising Service.


Foodabox provides cheaper advertised boxes to food operators

Foodabox offers businesses with affordable & effective advertising service using our eco-friendly food box. By doing so, we are able to help companies like you to run effective advertising campaign at a very low cost and at the same time, distributing our food boxes to restaurants at an affordable price. We are dedicated to save the planet by cutting down more polystyrene boxes using this creative marketing service. So by subscribing to our advertising service doesn’t just improve your brand impression, you are also directly helping the environment!


Helps Improve Your Business.

Improve your business with food box advertising

Foodabox helps you to reach out to more people and create a high ROI exposure. Our main advertising strategy is to help you to improve your business visibility that drives sales performance. For every advertisement published on Foodabox, we expect the brand is exposed to your target audience up to 20 minutes. We believe, our food box advertising service sets to deliver strong brand impressions for your target audiences.


Affordable and Cost-Effective

Foodabox: first food box advertising service malaysia

From distributing to promoting, Foodabox has got all the necessary jobs covered so that you could focus on what you do best; managing your business. We don’t just advertise your business on our food box,  we will also offer you FREE promotion on our social media platforms and a FREE advertiser account to keep track of all your advertisements.