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Apart from selling food packagings, one of our core businesses is advertising. We often got asked the question “how do we sell our food boxes that cheap?” You’ve probably guessed it right. Yes, we subsidise our food boxes with advertisements from our partners. Every month, we distribute approximately 100,000 advertised food boxes to our restaurants, helping them to replace their polystyrene packagings while promoting our partners’ brands. Here is why food box advertising makes all the difference;

Captive Audience

Foodabox offers 15-minute worth of brand exposure per food box for our advertisers.

Extensive Network

We distribute over 100,000 boxes every month, covering various restaurants in Klang Valley.

What our users say

Any restaurants serving takeaway should consider Foodabox. From fast food giants to the smallest shops, all can contribute to environmental sustainability by using Foodabox.

Foodabox: Affordable & Effective Advertising Service Malaysia
Professor James Hoopes Murata Professor of Ethics in Business, Babson College, USA.

I would certainly recommend Foodabox to every businesses. Not only had I managed to promote my brand effectively and ethically, the sales of my business has also risen by 23% in the past 2 months.

Foodabox: Affordable & Effective Advertising Service Malaysia
Mr. Ong Soon Thye Managing Director, Ong Chuan Hin Rice Mill