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      Endless Possibilities

      If you knew one-third of consumers buying decision is based on the packaging, you would have put more emphasis on it. We believe that food packaging is as important as the food itself. At Foodabox, we design, create and deliver high-quality paper food packaging with dedication and commitment. We offer practical and cost-effective packaging solution through creative and innovative customizations. The possibilities are endless.

      Food Boxes

      Lunch Boxes | Pizza Box | Cake Box


      Single Wall | Double Wall | Ripple Wall


      Single Wall | Double Wall

      Open Packaging

      Tray | Plate | Wrapper

      Paper & Bio-Bags

      Paper Bags | Bio-Bags


      Fork | Knife | Spoon | Chopstick


      1 ply | 2 ply

      Customize Packaging

      Endless Possibilities

      With over 300+ customers and counting, we’ve supported many businesses in creating a distinguished brand across the food & beverage, airlines, and hotel industry.

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